The Lotto Numbers That Always Seem to Win

To win big on the lotto would be like every Christmas present you could ever want was suddenly given to you all at once - for most of us anyway. Unfortunately, experiencing a lottery win is just for extremely lucky people right? Well what if it wasn't? What if it were possible to win the lottery by getting your hands on a guaranteed system that always seems to work, would you be interested in it?

Even after the very first lotto game there have been people hell bent on creating a fool-proof lottery system that could beat this mighty draw. With the great desire to experience immediate riches and financial freedom, and sometimes in an attempt to just master the mathematics of it, men and women have tried to create lottery systems that could land them a jackpot win.

Many different systems have been devised with many different approaches. However, few offer any real leverage and give you as much chance of winning as a random pick. Although there have been a few systems developed that offer some higher chances of winning such as wheeling numbers the majority of systems are useless.

However, there are some mathematical systems that rely on using the laws of probability to help choose lottery numbers that have a very high success rate.

As I previously mentioned wheeling numbers is one of the safest ways to ensure a return on your lottery ticket costs. The only drawback to using a wheeling system for winning the lottery is the price of the tickets. Because you need to buy multiple tickets wheeling is only really affordable in a syndicate.

The positive thing about wheeling systems is that they show us that the lottery is not just about pure chance and that it can be beaten.

The simple fact that maths can be used to win the lottery makes it unsurprising when you find out that a mathematics professor has won the coveted draw 3 times in a row and 5 times in all.

Larry Blair, an Oklahoma Math Professor, fits perfectly into the stereotypical image of a number-crunching lottery winner. Not only is playing with numbers traditionally been Larry's job but he actually enjoys doing it. But is his system really a lottery beater?

Larry's lotto system has allowed him to win the lottery an amazing 5 times and 3 of those times where in succession - one after the other!